Routes of Change at Begbie Elementary

Begbie's Zero Waste team has been working towards reducing their school's waste and teaching their school community how to sort waste in the VSB's new three bin system.

In order to reduce waste, the team did an audit to see how much and what kind of waste was in their school garbage. The results showed that people needed to learn how to sort waste appropriately, and after lunchtime was when they had the most waste.  The team came up with a litter-less lunch campaign and launched it the first week of February by challenging the whole school to participate. The students on the Zero Waste team checked lunches each day and rewarded students with a different prize each day of participation. This information was recorded and the results were posted on a tracking sheet in front of each classroom!  

Destination Conservation (DC) runs the Zero Waste program with six participating Vancouver Elementary Schools. The program includes resources and support for the teams to run their campaigns, and workshops which connect the teams to Youth Mentors from Eric Hamber Secondary School. 

 The founder of Routes of Change, Markus Pukonen, attended the litter-less lunch assembly at Begbie. Markus is on a 5 year journey around the world without using any motorized transport. He will sail, bike, kayak, run and use other alternate transit to get around. He started his journey in Toronto and was in Vancouver during the campaign launch at Begbie.  His goal is to share his adventures, create change, and partner with environmental and social organizations to make a better future for all.  He spoke to the students at Begbie about realizing your dreams, about the impact of their litter-less lunch campaign (small actions make a big difference) and finished the assembly with a group dance party!  It was an inspirational afternoon and a great way to connect local change in Vancouver to a global project for change!

For more information on Destination Conservation visit www.dcplanet.ca. For more information on Routes of Change visit www.routesofchange.org.

 Above Photo: Begbie VSB DC Zero Waste team with Markus Pukonen from Routes of Change


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