Weir Elementary Contributes to the Biggest Painting in the World

More than 80 grade 6 and 7 students from Dr. George M. Weir Elementary took on a really big art project with some very important goals. Over the course of one week students painted 120 "tiles" to fill a 1m X 5m canvas. Their painting will be sewn to those of other students from schools around the globe to make the "Biggest Painting in the World".

Weir is the only Canadian school taking part. When this gigantic work is completed it will be exhibited in Tokyo at the 2020 Olympic Games. After that, the huge painting will be placed on display in the library of a Hiroshima primary school bombed during the war.

One of the Vancouver images painted by Weir Elementary students

Originated by a Japanese educator and a graphic designer, this project hopes to nurture a peace-loving spirit, a broader world view, and a motivation to help preserve the environment in the children who participate.

To spark ideas in her students, Weir teacher Jillian Lee asked them, "What comes to mind when you think of Vancouver?" The result is a beautiful collage filled with dogwoods, stadiums, bridges, whales, rain showers, Canadian flags, cherry blossoms and mountains. The school is going to have a print of the painting made into a banner so the local community can enjoy the images for many years to come.

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