Summer School Stories: The Robot Invasion

Many students across the district went back to school this summer. Some took more traditional courses like math and English, and some-studied robots.

From Lego® to remote controlled 'Battle Bots', robotics was a hot ticket item at a number of summer school locations across the district.

At Magee Secondary, Grade 4-7 summer school students in the From Garbage to Robots: Electricity class, learned about electricity by experimenting with static, magnets, batteries, and circuits. They created circuits using found material from home such as boxes, cartons and various recycled materials, and then built robots and installed their circuits inside them.

In the Junior Robotics class offered at Kerrisdale Elementary, project based learning opportunities revolved around Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through the utilization of VEX IQ robotics kits. Students had to solve daily technical challenges through collaboration, competition, and innovation.

And the Mackenzie Elementary summer school's Gifted/Challenge Program offered a Lego based class, as well asEngineering and Inventions, and Weird Science at their summer school. Robotics and machines were components of each course.

Grade 9 graduate, Robert Wong, had a fantastic time in the Grade 8 & 9 robotics course offered at David Thompson Secondary this summer.

"It was a lot of fun to learn about engineering. We learned a lot, and had to work together to plan out what we were doing", says Wong.

When asked if he would be pursuing robotics further, Wong says he's hoping to become an engineer.

"It's too bad this course is for Grade 8 and 9 students, because I am going into Grade 10 in September. I'd love to take it again next year!"

To learn more about Summer School programs and start planning for next year, go to: summer.vsb.bc.ca


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