Van Tech Wins "Pulling for Inner City Kids" Tug-of-War Competition on Home Turf

May 9th to 15th was Inner City Kids Week led by CLICK (Contributing to Lives of Inner City Kids).  One of the highlights of this awareness building and fundraising campaign is the annual tug-of-war. The event pits teams of ten high school students and their Vancouver Police Department School Liaison officers against each other in a hard-fought contest.

 Van Tech hosted this year's battle, and welcomed representatives from Britannia, Templeton, David Thompson, Point Grey and Windermere. After 15 rounds, three play-off matches and a Championship Final, the home team hoisted the trophy. Participants left the gym all smiles. "It was exhilarating." "So much fun!" "Technique is the key, you have to pull together."

As part of Inner City Kids Week, the afternoon had kicked off with the VPD Challenge where senior police officers and the Mayor, faced a team of kids from all of the participating schools in a fun pull.

"I'm happy to be a part of this amazing cause, looking out for inner city kids, kids that need a leg up," said Chief Constable Adam Palmer. "The turnout is phenomenal. I've participated in lots of these. The kids have always beaten us, but we're getting revenge this year." In-fact, the students made short work of the police, pulling them over the line in about 20 seconds.

The CLICK foundation funds programs to help meet the basic needs of Vancouver children living in poverty, to help them develop critical skills for later life, and to provide access to activities like sports and the arts.

Watch Van Tech take on Templeton.

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