Queen Mary Students Learn About Art and Outdoors through the Sketchbook Project

Queen Mary Elementary School students recently made collaborative drawings at Spanish Banks using found materials, as part of the Sketchbook Project. This year's theme is Drawing Closer to Nature, so this workshop was held outdoors.

Queen Mary students worked in groups to gather materials on a walk from the school to the beach. The purpose of the assignment is for students to demonstrate collaboration and communication. Together, each group made choices about what to include, what to discard, and how to share a common vision or story behind their collaborative piece. In their work together, they created an installation that showed their appreciation for the environment and understanding of composition. Their work together transcended language barriers and demonstrated compassion in action.

The Sketchbook Project is an opportunity for students to participate in daily drawing, inspire confidence in drawing skills and learn ways to talk about art. This year, twelve classrooms across the city host UBC Community Field Experience practicum students and artists in residence. The theme is Drawing Closer to Nature, and as often as possible, drawing workshops take place outdoors.

Reflecting about artmaking and developing skills to talk about the artwork of others is a key component of the Sketchbook Project. Queen Mary Elementary students completed their Nature Art Assignment with a gallery walk. Each group spoke about their artwork as the artists, and also showed their appreciation for the works of their peers guided by respectful critique statements such as, "I noticed, I liked, and I wished." Students documented the work with the practicum teacher's camera and left their compositions on the picnic tables for others to enjoy.  

This project is a joint venture between ArtStarts, the University of British Columbia (Community Field Experience Teacher Candidates) and the Vancouver School Board (Peggy Bochun, District Fine Arts Coordinator and Phyllis Schwartz, Artist in Residence).

Click on the image below to Check out our Flickr album for more photos.Sketchbook Project 2016

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