Focus on Magee Secondary

Magee Secondary meets the needs 1,100 students in the Kerrisdale area of Vancouver. Opened in 1914, the school is named after pioneer farmer Hugh Magee and its mascot is a lion.

The school's widely recognized strong academic program is complemented by a rich variety of electives. Magee's Applied Skills department offers a wide range of courses including business education, information technology, home economics and technical education. Many students participate in work experience opportunities. The school's dynamic Fine Arts programs enrol approximately one-third of Magee students in bands or choirs, which have toured and performed across Canada, the United States, Asia and Europe. Magee's Music Society is a very active and supportive group of parents who help organize and fundraise. Drama students, both junior and senior, put on drama productions usually twice a year and have competed successfully in local and provincial competitions. The exciting Visual Arts program enables students to express themselves through a variety of mediums. Advanced Placement programs in calculus, history, literature, and visual arts enable students to become accustomed to college level studies. 

The district's only SPARTS program (sports/arts) is held at Magee, allowing gifted athletes and talented artists from across the city to complete high school while maintaining intensive practice or performance schedules. Magee leaders provides numerous leadership opportunities for our juniors. The school also supports two district special education programs: Junior Learning Support Program and Learning Assistance Life Skills. 

Magee's Skills Development Centre is unparalleled in its success at helping students with significant difficulty in one or more basic academic skills through a highly respected peer tutoring program and the promotion of independent learning. The centre is especially unique as a place where all students congregate, regardless of achievement and ability. 

The school population is ethnically diverse, speaking over 30 languages in students' homes. The largest language groups are English, Cantonese and Mandarin. Seven percent of Magee's total student population are enrolled in English Language Learning classes. There were 120 international students enrolled during this past school year. 

Magee offers a comprehensive array of extra-curricular opportunities to continue student learning beyond the classroom walls through participation in clubs and three seasons of athletics. 

The growth plan at Magee places a strong emphasis on increasing student engagement, initiative and leadership within a culture of care and support. The plan continues to evolve and now encompasses such areas as sustainability and successful citizenship for students within their school, and a greater focus on school community. 

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