Project Chef rolls out an expansion

Project Chef has expanded to offer more students access to the innovative VSB program that teaches them about wholesome food.

Each fall and winter, Project Chef visits a different school each week. Extended eight or nine-week residencies in the spring give the team a chance to work with all students in a school. Now, Project Chef has doubled its spring residency so it can run in two elementary schools at the same time.

"It's a new, big step for Project Chef," said Project Chef director Barbara Finley.

The program teaches students from kindergarten to Grade 7 about healthy food, emphasizing where it comes from, what it tastes like and how to prepare healthy dishes. Students are also taught the importance of sharing and enjoying food together.

"Our primary goal is to have children understand, appreciate and create good food, and therefore live healthy lives," said Finley. "They great thing is that they are going home and cooking."

Sushi was on the menu at Carnarvon Elementary when VSB Official Trustee Dianne Turner paid a visit.

Under the guidance of Project Chef, students tried hand rolling vegetarian sushi rolls - participating in every step of the process from chopping and grating vegetables to rolling the delicate seaweed.

"Project Chef is such an exciting learning experience for students," said Turner. "They are so engaged with the food and learning a great deal about healthy eating."

The impact of Project Chef continues after the program has moved on to the next VSB school. Angela Stewart, a Grade 6 teacher at Carnarvon Elementary, found the visit so inspiring that she would like to further the lessons.

"I want it to continue so I'm trying to think of creative ways to include food education in our classroom," said Stewart. "The students have had a really good mindset towards it - open minds and open mouths."

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