Passport to Play inspires disabled youth to become more physically active

Students from around the district showed their school spirit and athletic prowess at this year's Passport to Play.

Sir Charles Tupper Secondary hosted more than 200 students with physical or cognitive disabilities on May 19th for an afternoon of sport.

Passport to Play was started in 2009 by three members of the Vancouver District Students' Council (VDSC) who were inspired by a speech from a Paralympian. It is hosted by different schools each year and this year VDSC president and grade 12 student Vince Bacarac was adamant about hosting it at his school, Tupper Secondary.

"The hope of Passport to Play is that these students develop a passion for a sport so they can pursue it beyond high school," said Bacarac. "We want them to know these adaptive activities are a way of maintaining their health."

The day began with a parade of all the students from each school. The students held their school banners proudly while receiving high fives from peers and volunteers. The energy in the room was palatable, especially after a Bhangra dance performance performed by Shiamak Dance Group with participating students. Many of the students watching joined in the fun when the Korean pop song, Gangham Style, blasted through the speakers.

After the ceremony, students were split into groups to play certain sports, such as hockey, basketball and softball.

"I see so much value for the event itself and have developed a real passion for it," said Bacarac. "I really like seeing the smiles on their faces on play day."

Smiles were definitely abundant at this event.

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