Drivers reminded about back to school safety

On the first day of school, VSB trustees joined representatives of the Provincial Government, the Vancouver Police Department and ICBC to remind drivers about the importance of driving safely around schools.

"Many students walk or cycle to school and it's important for drivers to be aware of kids on the road," said VSB Chair Mike Lombardi. "Please respect the 30-kilometre per hour zones that are in effect around schools when they are in session."

Vancouver Police kicked off a comprehensive back to school road safety campaign focusing on enforcement and education for drivers in school zones around the city. "We all want our children to get to and from school safely," said Vancouver Police Chief Constable Adam Palmer. "That will happen if everyone, including parents, slows down and pays attention."

The Minister of Education, Mike Bernier, noted that the Province has increased fines for drivers passing school buses with flashing lights. He reminded drivers that when a school bus is stopped with its red lights flashing, drivers must stop too. If the bus has its amber lights flashing, slow down and prepare to stop. Drivers should remain stopped until the bus moves or the driver signals it is safe for you to pass. 

"Every morning and afternoon 50,000 students travel to or from our schools," added VsB's Lombardi. "Some days it will be dark, some days rainy. Whatever the conditions, we ask that you drive appropriately and be alert for our students."

Classes at all Vancouver schools began today, with a short attendance period of one hour. Tomorrow is the first full day of school.

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