Live animal show inspires students to care for the environment

Things got a little wild at Dr. R.E. McKechnie Elementary School.

A visit from Earth Rangers had students excited to learn about the animals that inhabit Canada's diverse wilderness and what they can do to keep them safe. Earth Rangers is a kid's conservation organization that educates children across the country on the threats facing biodiversity and how to protect animals and their homes.

Dr. R.E. McKechnie student Spencer Wardle is an Earth Ranger. This animal loving Grade 3 student and his mom brought the interactive live animal show to the school.

"I really love animals," explained Wardle. "I like learning about them. One of my top animals is the peregrine falcon."

To the delight of Wardle and all his fellow students, several animals made an appearance during the assembly including a skunk and a peregrine falcon.

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