Statement from Official Trustee on impact of Supreme Court of Canada decision on VSB

The Supreme Court ruling last Thursday means the government will need to renegotiate with the teachers' union about class size and composition. This will have implications for the VSB, but they won't be fully understood for quite some time. Parents should be assured that no disruptions to their children's education are expected. 

We welcome the potential for an additional investment in public education by the Provincial Government to assist us in our efforts to enhance student learning and implement the new curriculum.  

While recognizing that there may be additional resources dedicated toward class size and composition, the VSB continues to face significant challenges related to operational efficiencies and financial challenges. We need to ensure that we are making the best use of our assets and resources to address our needs to preserve funds for our operating budget for the delivery of educational programs and services to our students. 

On behalf of the Vancouver school district, I will continue to advocate for equitable, predictable, and sustainable funding to provide us with the means to address all our contractual obligations and to meet the needs of our students.

-Dianne Turner, Official Trustee, Vancouver School Board

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