Exhibition showcases 100 students' sketchbooks

A hundred sketchbooks recording the fruits of daily drawing by students at three Vancouver elementary schools are on display in a gallery exhibition this summer.

In response to invitations to draw, students from Sir Alexander Mackenzie, Queen Mary and General Wolfe elementary schools filled sketchbooks with inspiration from the theme Drawing Closer to Nature.

Their art was part of The Sketchbook Project, a joint venture between Vancouver School Board (Peggy Bochun, District Fine Arts Coordinator, and Phyllis Schwartz, Artist in Residence) and the University of British Columbia (Community Field Experience Teacher Candidates). The Sketchbook Project builds on the research of UBC Professor Emeritus Bob Steele, who promotes daily drawing as a way to improve literacy.

The exhibition at the ArtStarts Gallery, 808 Richards Street, Vancouver, runs until October 30, 2016.

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