Public meetings format and processes under the Official Trustee

Public meetings of the Vancouver School Board will be held monthly starting on November 21, 2016. One regularly scheduled public board meeting will be held each month. Additional meetings can be called as necessary, as per Board policies.

The format for public Board meetings will remain the same as previously. Agendas will be prepared and posted to the VSB website as before on the Friday preceding the meeting. Minutes will be circulated and posted as always.

The Official Trustee and the non-voting Student Trustee will participate in the public Board meetings. As before, senior staff will be present. Presentations will be made by staff or delegations and recommendations will come forward from committees.

The Official Trustee will make decisions at the meeting, or defer items for more information.

Opportunities for public participation at VSB meetings are unchanged, as per Board Policy BDDH Public Participation at Board Meetings (and Committee Meetings). A question period of up to 30 minutes will be provided at the end of the Board meeting for Vancouver residents.

Continuing with VSB practice, questions to the Trustee must be submitted in writing (on the 'green sheets') at the meeting. The Official Trustee will reply within the time available to questions related to the items on that meeting's agenda. Other questions may be answered in a different format at a later time.

Opportunities for delegations at Standing Committee meetings are unchanged. As per policy, applications for delegations must be received four days prior to a Standing Committee meeting.

The schedule for Standing Committee meetings will be revised to align with the schedule of public Board meetings. The structure of Standing and Advisory Committees is being reviewed to ensure it supports the implementation of the Board's Strategic Plan.

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