VSB reaches deal with Vancouver Teachers Federation

VSB is pleased to have reached agreement with the Vancouver Teachers Federation in establishing the process to increase our teacher staffing as quickly as possible.  

VSB's portion of the $50M is just over $4.4M, which will provide the equivalent of approximately 95 additional full time positions. We expect that these additional resources will be provided as early as late January. 

Consultation will proceed at the school level (between Principals and teachers) and will then be followed by district level consultation with the Vancouver Teachers Federation to determine the allocation of additional staffing to schools before the end of January. This process is parallel to the allocation of the Education Fund that has been very successful in identifying support that is responsive to the unique needs of individual schools. 

Where possible, positions will be filled internally at the school level, with the opportunity to increase the assignment of a number of our current part-time teachers up to full time positions. Where this is not possible, we will proceed with our posting and filling hiring process to fill the additional positions as quickly as possible, with the intent to conclude this process by mid-February, if possible.    

The additional support may be provided in the form of classroom teachers as well as other additional non-enrolling positions - where additional teaching support may be provided in a 'team-teaching' approach within identified classes for periods of time.  

We are delighted to have these additional resources and look forward to providing additional supports to our students at the earliest opportunity. 

John Lewis

Acting Superintendent of Schools

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