Hudson mask unveiling

First Nations elders joined students and parents at Henry Hudson Elementary to witness a new First Nations mask being revealed.

Artist Robin Roberts designed and carved the mask, aided by Hudson Elementary students. Over the course of eight weeks, students from all divisions were able to get hands on experience with tools, chipping away at the solid piece of wood, turning it into a beautiful Haida-style mask.

"They get the chance to try the tools and learn about the culture through experience, which is a lot better than me telling them about the culture," said Roberts. "It also gives them an introduction to this form of art making."

One of Hudson Elementary's goals is to better engage with Aboriginal culture. "I think it broadens the scope and knowledge of the families in our school and the city we live within," said Ian Cannon, principal of Hudson Elementary.

"We have a very multicultural society and the more we learn about each other's backgrounds, the better it is for all of us."

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