Ski retreat offers Point Grey Mini students outdoor education and enrichment

Students, staff and parents of Point Grey Secondary's Mini Program had a fun, enriching, snow-filled experience during the school's annual trip to Manning Park this year.

Point Grey Mini is a comprehensive, academic, enriched program for grades 8-12 that emphasizes community, leadership, and service. Students in the program are self-motivated, and academically able, and take part in cross-grade courses and activities, cultural outreach, and outdoor education. The annual ski trip to Manning Park is a highlight for many students.

"We had a terrific trip this year, with lots of fresh snow, great conditions on the ski hills, and great weather for all of our outdoor activities," said Mori Hamilton, co-head of Point Grey's Mini program.

Over three days at Manning Park, the students (and parents and teachers) take lessons in downhill skiing or snowboarding, and spend time practicing their skills on the slopes. In addition, students in grades 8 to 10 also get to experience cross-country skiing, with lessons, and an exhilarating ski from the beautiful Strawberry Flats back to the resort.

In the evenings, the students return to their cabins, each led by grade 11 or 12 students who planned all the meals, shopped, and cooked all the food. Parent chaperones in each cabin get to enjoy the student's cooking and their company.

"The students (and parents!) have lots of free time in the evenings, so the Manning trip is a great bonding experience, on and off the slopes," said Hamilton.

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