Streetfront students' marathon success

A group of students from Britannia Secondary demonstrated their determination to overcome adversity by completing the Seattle marathon.

The students, many of whom face challenging life circumstances, are members of the Streetfront Alternative Program, which emphasizes physical activity as a way to engage students who struggle in the traditional classroom setting.

Teacher Trevor Stokes and VPD Const. Brandon Steele took 31 students down to Seattle, with 18 running the full marathon distance of 42.2 kilometres and 13 completing the half marathon.

"There were Streetfront Marathon shirts everywhere," said Stokes, describing the race. "I ran at the back of the full marathon runners with a student who was aiming to become only the second female Streetfront participant to run a full marathon. She crossed the line five hours 43 minutes later with tears streaming down her face after running for her mom on her birthday.

"She wasn't jumping for joy, she wasn't celebrating as the others around her were. She was beat, she was broken, but she knew she had done something she promised herself she was going to do.

"She won that day, like she'll win tomorrow and the day after. She's going to use this to prove to herself that nothing is too grand or daunting. This race is just the beginning.

"And for the other 30 kids who put in everything they had to cross that finish line, I hope they realize how proud we are of them and how they've contributed to this beautiful thing we call Streetfront."

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