Murals demonstrate collective effort

David Livingstone Elementary parents and students have celebrated the unveiling of the school's new murals with cake and festivities. Over two months, the students of David Livingstone Elementary came together to create two community-funded murals in the school's main hallway.

For some of the young artists, the project was a learning experience about the power of collective effort.

"You paint something and think, 'it's so tiny'," said Grade 5 student Amber Heymans, "but then you see the whole mural and think 'wow, my one thing helped the mural stand out'."

Creating the mural left an impression on the students about the importance of hard work. Watching the unveiling of the mural after "working hard on it" was satisfying, said Grade 5 student Reese Laudon. "It was a big accomplishment," she noted.

Artists-in-residence Jerry Whitehead and Brent Clowater said the most enjoyable part of working with the students was their enthusiasm and watching the students' understanding of teamwork grow.

"They just really wanted to be part of it," said Clowater. "They saw that many of them together can collaborate to create something as big as a mural."

The school's parent advisory council (PAC) spearheaded the project. For PAC chair Judy McLaren, the project is a reminder of the community's generosity. Through knocking on "every door in the Mount Pleasant area" to raise pledges for the school's walkathon, the students raised the funds needed to create the murals.

"The community was so receptive"¦ and wanted to be part of something at the school," said McLaren. "We're so grateful."

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