Diversity showcased at Prince of Wales Multicultural Fair

From a Slovenian folk music performance to Chinese Dragon Dancers, students at Prince of Wales Secondary learned more about different cultures through food and performance at a multicultural fair.

Each year, the Prince of Wales Secondary PAC puts on a Lunar New Year celebration at the school, but this year they expanded the experience to many other cultures, including China, Korea, Japan, Iran, Ukraine and Germany.

After being ushered into the gymnasium by a Scottish bagpiper, students were treated to performances by Chinese dragon dancers, Slovenian folk musicians, a South African song performed by the school choir, German line dancing and a K-pop song performed by students.

AJ Alagao, a Prince of Wales student who was MC for the event, believes students got more out of it because of their involvement.

"It was really cool to get students involved this year because it gave them a chance to perform," said Alagao. "The choir, line dancers, lion dancers and the K-pop band were all students. They were nervous, but I think they pulled it off."

Parents were equally enthusiastic to showcase their country's best cuisine, some even took cooking classes to up their culinary skills.

"The parents have come together and done so much work in cooking," said PAC chairperson Linda Fong. "It took at least three months to put it all together and I have to commend them for being so enthusiastic."

"I think any time you can introduce students to different cultures, the better and stronger we are all going to be," said principal David Derpak. "For us, we just want to celebrate the different cultural fashion, dancing, and food represented in our school."

Debra Sparrow, a Musqueam artist and Knowledge Keeper, closed the event by speaking of the importance of understanding everyone's history, including the history of First Nations in Vancouver.

"It's important to know the history and the foundation of people's ancient history," said Sparrow. "Students need to embrace it, because it's now their history as well."

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