Statement on the Carleton Elementary fire

The fire at Sir Guy Carleton Elementary School on Friday (Aug. 19) is of significant concern to the school community and the Vancouver School District.

The Vancouver School District, which has received no reports of staff or students being on site when the fire started, is grateful for the efforts of Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services and the other emergency services working to tackle the fire.

VSB is conscious this will be an upsetting development for the students of the school and their families shortly before the start of the new school year. The district will be assessing the school buildings over the next few days to determine whether or not students and staff can remain at Carleton for the start of school in September or whether they will need to be moved to another site.

If it is determined that students and staff need to be moved, the district will work quickly to make alternative arrangements and to communicate those arrangements to parents. Senior Vancouver School Board staff will be meeting this weekend to take the first steps towards ensuring students and staff can start the new school year in a safe learning environment.

Carleton was named on the list of 12 schools being considered for potential closure, but it is too early to say what impact, if any, the fire will have on that process.

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