VSB thanks newly retired staff for their service

Vancouver School Board has thanked dozens of newly retired staff for their service to the school district.

The Windermere Secondary choir performed several songs for the new retirees at a special reception held in their honour, while Official Trustee Dianne Turner and Superintendent Scott Robinson thanked them for their service.

"The contributions you have made in your various roles are the main reason we are so fortunate to have a district that is one where our students have the opportunity to engage in and experience the rich and exceptional educational programs," said Turner. "Our students have benefited from your talents, caring and passion for what you do."

Before thanking each retiree individually, Robinson told them the results of their work would continue to be experienced in classrooms across the district.

"Your contributions, although perhaps difficult to measure, are without any doubt, the reason we, who now have the opportunity to continue to nurture and grow our district, are able to be successful in what we do," he said.

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