Maple Grove Elementary to get seismic replacement with new school

Maple Grove Elementary has been approved for a $24.4 million replacement school that will be seismically safe.

The provincial government has approved funding for the Maple Grove Elementary school project includes replacing the existing school with a fully accessible state-of-the-art building on the same site, with enough space to welcome up to 500 students.

Official Trustee Dianne Turner joined Education Minister Mike Bernier and MLA Andrew Wilkinson at Maple Grove this week. The guests were welcomed by Principal Peter Evans and two groups of student singers. One group of grades 4, 5, and 6 students sang the Maple Grove school song. Another kindergarten group sang a song to welcome spring.

Student leaders Kate Koo and Braydon Newman also spoke about the excitement of Maple Grove students in hearing they will have a new school in a few years.

The new Maple Grove Elementary will be built alongside the existing school. Maple Grove was originally built in the 1920s, with the gym and a classroom block built in 1952. 

"While there have been some upgrades over the past decades, it's very exciting that we will soon be able to start design and construction for a replacement school that will meet modern standards of seismic protection and that will provide an up-to-date, welcoming facility where students can learn and thrive.," said Official Trustee Dianne Turner. "In the coming months, representatives of the school community will have a chance to meet with district staff and provide their input into the design of the new school and ways to mitigate any disruption during construction.

The school population will be able to stay together in the current building during the construction, which should begin in spring of 2019. They will all move into the building once construction of the replacement school is completed, likely in 2020. 

This seismic upgrade is being undertaken through the Seismic Mitigation Program, with funding from the Province of British Columbia that helps school districts ensure our schools will keep students and staff safe in an earthquake or other emergency. 

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