Update on the fire at Carleton Elementary

Vancouver School District staff have been working through the weekend to assess the damage caused to Sir Guy Carleton Elementary by the fire on Friday (Aug. 19) and to determine next steps.

Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services have asked Vancouver Police Department to lead the investigation into the fire's cause. The district is grateful for the firefighters' work to extinguish the blaze and that no one was seriously injured in the fire.

Senior staff from all departments are working with inspectors, restoration workers, and health and safety professionals to determine whether it will be safe for students and staff to return to any of the buildings on the Carleton site. They will also decide what, if anything, inside the building is salvageable.

This is a complex process and VSB recognizes it causes uncertainty for families, students and staff. Safety for the school community is of greatest concern. VSB will take the time needed to assess the site and take advice from health and safety professionals to develop a plan for return to school that ensures student and staff safety, while causing the least disruption possible during the school year.

Carleton's principal and district staff are communicating directly with school staff and parents. Regular updates will be provided to them.

When more information is available VSB will also update its website and share the plan with the public.  

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