What it's like to be an astronaut

Marc Garneau has visited to Queen Mary Elementary to share his experience of being one of Canada's first astronauts.

Garneau, who is now Canada's Minister of Transport, was one of six Canadians selected to take flight in Canada's first trip to space in 1984. He later became president of the Canadian Space Agency before moving into politics in 2004.

Garneau spoke to students about the rigors of training for space, what it's like to leave your family on earth and life aboard a spaceship. He also shared what he learned about seeing earth from space and how important it is to work together to take care of our planet.

"I thought Minister Garneau was wonderful at sharing the realities of living in space and really brought it back down to earth with messages of togetherness," said Hugh Blackman, principal of Queen Mary Elementary. 

He said space tied into the science, technology, engineering and math programs many classes at the school were taking.

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