Celebration of Science

Students from all over Vancouver school district publicly presented their science projects at VSB's Celebration of Science.

Many of the displays were chosen to be displayed at event in Science World because of their excellent presentation skills, mastery of knowledge in their subject and creativity.

Students educated visitors on everything from gems and black holes to volcanoes and electricity. Once they completed their presentation they gave the listener a sticker and one for themselves to keep track of the number of presentations completed.

"It gives the students an opportunity to explore a topic in depth and improve their presentation skills," said Sharlene Steele, a teacher at Shaughnessy Elementary.  "More importantly it gives them a chance to meet other students in the district and share each other's projects."

Science fair projects allow students to move beyond the textbook and apply science in a practical way, resulting in them being able to see how science impacts our day-to-day lives.

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