Sharing their music

Elementary school choirs from across the Vancouver School District joined together in song at their annual choral festival.

The Elementary Choral Festival took place at John Oliver Secondary over three nights, featuring five choirs per night. Each choir performed two prepared songs before an adjudicator offered feedback. The music chosen was a mix of classic ensemble music and new music. At the end of the individual performances, all choirs were invited on stage to sing a mass song that they had only rehearsed briefly together.

Peggy Bochun, VSB's fine arts coordinator, said the event celebrates choral singing and ensemble work. It also encourages the students, who often voluntarily spend their lunch break practising, to work with their voices as an instrument so they acquire an ear for music.

"We really try to focus on the event being the sharing of music," said Bochun. "It's also an opportunity for teachers to learn what other schools are doing in terms of repertoire."

Being a member of a choir establishes a sense of community and students look forward to the choral festival all year because it gives them an opportunity to perform together in public.

"I had feedback from students saying they felt special because of the stage lights," said Bochun. "It's where it all comes together and gives them something to strive for."

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