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The Vancouver School District’s Adult Education program provides adult students ages 16 years or older with courses from the literacy level to secondary school completion.

Adult Education offers a variety of structured and self-paced courses. Students work in a supportive environment to complete high school academic and elective courses. Our ultimate goal is to help students complete their secondary education and pursue either the Dogwood or Adult Dogwood diploma

Students study with us to:

  • Upgrade courses in Math, Science, English and Humanities to apply for programs at colleges such as Langara and BCIT, or universities including UBC and SFU.
  • Complete high school courses for graduation - many international and local students attend our schools at South Hill and Gathering Place to complete their high school graduation
  • Continue their education to upgrade skills for employment
  • Personal Interest


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Returning Students

Students who attended South Hill or Gathering Place Education Centres between September 2020 and July 2021.

New Students

Students who have not taken courses at South Hill or Gathering Place Education Centres.

International Students

Students who are international students studying in the Vancouver area




What our students are saying:

"I am so grateful to Adult Education because it allowed me to understand what I needed to do to achieve my goals of higher education. I would never have been able to realize my goals without the support of the faculty and the system over all. I developed good study habits that have followed me into my first year of law school. I also have such fond memories of my time there. It is never to late too realize your full potential."
Daniel Zerbo


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