Current Students

You are a current student if:

  • You are currently attending a Saturday structured or, November term or self-paced course with VSB Adult Education,
  • You recently attended a summer term or a September course in 2020 with VSB Adult Education, or
  • You were put on a registration waitlist for either summer term, September term or November term or  or February for one of our courses

Our April  term runs from Thursday April 29th to June 30th, 2021.  

View the April Term schedule here.  

Registration started on March 29, 2021.

Registration for April 2021 term started on March 29 at noon.
Current SHEC students were emailed a link to invite them to register. The registration link is now closed. Contact your advisor for late registration.


"I am so grateful to Adult Education because it allowed me to understand what I needed to do to achieve my goals of higher education. I would never have been able to realize my goals without the support of the faculty and the system over all. I developed good study habits that have followed me into my first year of law school. I also have such fond memories of my time there. It is never to late too realize your full potential."

Daniel Zerbo

Please remember:

If you change your email address or phone number during this school year, please let us know! 

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