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All classes in November and February term will be online and remote. 
The District will continue to keep the public informed of matters related to the COVID-19 response. Please visit the District website at www.vsb.bc.ca for up-to-date information.


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The Vancouver School District’s Adult Education program provides students ages 16 years or older with courses from the literacy level to secondary school completion.

At South Hill and Gathering Place, we offer a wide variety of structured and self-paced courses for students looking to complete their secondary school education or upgrade courses for college or university program entry. 

Our students work in a supportive learning environment to complete or upgrade high school academic and elective courses. 

We are here to help students complete their secondary education and pursue either the Dogwood or Adult Dogwood diploma.

February term  begins
Monday, February 8, 2021!

Register  starting December 16,2020 for February classes .  

Current students will receive an email with a link to a registration form.

February Term -February 8 -April 23,2021

All classes in February term will be online and remote 

February Term Schedule


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Why Adult Education?

Adult Education students come from diverse backgrounds and attend Adult Education for a variety of reasons, including:

  • To complete graduation requirements
  • To upgrade marks or gain course prerequisites to qualify for post-secondary
  • To improve Numeracy and Literacy skills for employment
  • For personal interest and growth
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