New students

*Important*. Students are expected to attend classes in person. Please check our website for updates/changes to this plan.

Visit our FAQs for more information on Adult Education.


1.  Send the completed  Intake Form along with proof of status in Canada/photo ID ( passport, birth certificate, Permanent Resident card, refugee claimant, status card)  to adulteducationadvisors@vsb.bc.ca .  

If you are not able to provide copies of any of these documents, please email the principal,   hwilliams@vsb.bc.ca   or   vice principal,  dmorita@vsb.bc.ca  directly. VSB Adult Education follows our district “Access to City Services without Fear” guidelines

Note: you will need to open and save the intake form using Adobe Acrobat.

2.  Call the office at 604-713-5770 to determine if you need an English or Math assessment before meeting with an advisor.

For further information, please see our Welcome Guide.

We look forward to working with you!

VSB Adult Education follows our district “Access to City Services without Fear” guidelines. Prospective students who have questions about their eligibility to attend are welcome to contact our school directly. 

Student Experiences

"Adult Ed has helped me realize my unrealized dreams. When I first started my journey at South Hill, I wanted to become a nurse. The teachers helped gear my education to enable me for success in nursing specifically, the prerequisites. 

The prerequisites helped me get into a university which is where I discovered a whole other world of academics. One academic discipline that changed the way I thought about my life was philosophy; I learned that my passion was in philosophy. And because I already had the prerequisites from South Hill for nursing, I got into the philosophy program easily (nursing prerequisite cover all the bases). 

Now I'm pursuing a bachelor's in philosophy at SFU and have my eyes set on a master's. Thanks, South Hill for the dreams that were unrealized and are now realized! " 


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