Current / Returning Students

REGISTRATION for Current / Returning Students:

Current / Returning Students attended a VSB Adult Education between September 2021 and now.

Structured In-Person Classes

Summer Term: Monday, July 4 - Friday, August 05

  • Current / Returning Students must update their personal information and receive an updated Student Learning Plan for 2022/2023
  • Current student have already completed their SLP for 2022/2023 and may proceed to pre-registration.

Summer Term

5 Week Structured In-person Classes

Monday July 4 - Friday August 5.

Summer Schedule by Course

Summer Schedule by Time

Request to register on June 1st.
*You may take only one course in the summer term

If you are unsure of what courses you need to graduate, please contact the office 604 713-5770 to make an appointment to speak with an Academic Advisor.



continuing education

Ready for the next course? Classes fill quickly, so be sure to register early!


Self-Paced Classes

There are no self-paced/hybrid courses in the summer. Courses begin again in September.

Self-paced is not an online program, but rather is designed as a hybrid learning experience.

  1. Students are expected to attend in-person, at least once a week
  2. Tests are written at school
  3. Instructional assistance is available in-person


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