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Please note that  all classes are in person for  VSB Adult Education sites.  For more information about our district's COVID response and Communicable Disease Prevention Plan, please visit our district site.

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 Important Information 

All classes are held in person  Students will follow the updated Communicable Disease Prevention Plan. Please ensure that you follow the Daily Health Check prior to arrival.  If you are sick or feel unwell, stay at home.   This is important to stop the spread of illness, including COVID-19.

Upgrade your High School Courses with Us

The Vancouver School District’s AE program provides students ages 16 years or older with courses from the literacy level to secondary school completion.  Our students come from all over the Vancouver Lower Mainland and from countries across the world. Every year over 3000 students study with us to complete their high school education, upgrade their courses for prerequisites for post-secondary programs at UBC, SFU, Langara, BCIT and more.

At South Hill and Gathering Place , we offer a wide variety of structured and self-paced / hybrid courses for students looking to complete their high school education or upgrade courses for college or university program entry. 

Our students work in our supportive learning environment to complete or upgrade high school academic and elective courses. 

We are here to help students complete their secondary education and pursue either the Dogwood or Adult Dogwood diploma.

Summer Term

5 Week Structured In-person Classes

Monday July 4 - Friday August 5.

Summer Schedule by Course

Summer Schedule by Time

Request to register on June 1st.
*You may take only one course in the summer term

If you are unsure of what courses you need to graduate, please contact the office 604 713-5770 to make an appointment to speak with an Academic Advisor.



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Current / Returning

Students who are currently active, or attended VSB Adult Education between Sept 2021 and June 2022 .


New Students

Students who have not taken courses at South Hill or Gathering Place Education Centres in the past year.

International Students

Students who are international students studying in the Vancouver area


Our flexible approach to learning means you can study
in a way that best fits your life.

Discover our full list of course offerings:

Self-paced courses      Structured (classroom based) courses


Why Adult Education?

Adult Education students come from diverse backgrounds and attend South Hill or Gathering Place for a variety of reasons, including:

  • To complete graduation requirements
  • To upgrade marks or gain course prerequisites to qualify for post-secondary
  • To improve Numeracy and Literacy skills for employment
  • For personal interest and growth







What our students are saying:

"I am so grateful to Adult Education because it allowed me to understand what I needed to do to achieve my goals of higher education. I would never have been able to realize my goals without the support of the faculty and the system over all. I developed good study habits that have followed me into my first year of law school. I also have such fond memories of my time there. It is never to late too realize your full potential."
Daniel Zerbo



Transcripts may be viewed and ordered through the BC Ministry of  Education's Student Transcripts Service.



Report Cards are usually available three business days after the end of term.  Students may request a report card by emailing southhillregistration@vsb.bc.ca   Pease note the following:

Subject line in email

“Report Card Request”


Last Name, Usual First Name


Date of Birth -  dd/mm/yyyy


Name of Course taken


Please specify the Period the course was held

Please do not come to the school to pick-up your report cards.  

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