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Adult education offers both structured and self-paced courses. Students work at their own pace in a supportive environment to complete their secondary graduation requirements.

For more information about 2020-2021 course start dates and school closure dates, click here.

Self-paced courses

Registration for self-paced courses can occur throughout the school year and is open from September to mid-April.   Students have until the end of June to complete their courses.  Contact the Gathering Place or South Hill to discuss your educational plans and to develop an academic plan.   Registration for our self-paced program will begin in August.  Please see our  main page  for more information.

Structured courses

Structured courses are offered over four quarter terms, two semester terms and one summer term during the school year. 



Summer 2021 quarter (5 week term) 

 At this time, please do not come to the school to register.  Please refer to our main page for more information about how to register.


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