Continuity of Learning

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Continuity, of, Learning, Continuous, COVID, Online, Educational, Resources

Continuity, of, Learning, Continuous, COVID, Online, Educational, Resources

We are in this together!

Many of us are struggling right now to balance work, support our families and get ready for what learning at home looks like. Feeling this way is normal! Work-life balance is always a challenge and particularly so as our society copes with the impacts of COVID-19.

We hope that you and your family are doing well during these challenging times. The health and safety of students, their families and staff continue to be our priority. We look forward to continuing our community of learning throughout the coming weeks. Our relationship with you is very important and we are here to support you.

This hub is designed to provide you with updated messages, tips, information on learning from home and educational resources to supplement teacher lesson plans moving forward. 

Learning from home: what to expect

Your children’s teachers will be in contact. In addition to first checking how you and your children are doing, they will begin to determine what supports are needed for learning from home. Then, they will develop their learning plans. These will look different depending on age groups and students' individual needs, but generally, here is what can be expected:

Kindergarten-Grade 3: Teachers will focus on literacy and numeracy foundations. Teachers will assign five hours of work a week (about an hour a day). They will work with families to deliver these materials digitally or in paper packages.

Grades 4-7: Teachers will continue to further focus on building literacy and numeracy skills. Teachers will assign five-seven hours of work a week. They will work with families to deliver these materials digitally, where possible.

Grades 8-9: Teachers will focus on core competencies and assign up to 30 minutes per course, per day, according to the day that the course is usually taught (up to two hours for Day 1 and two hours for Day 2) for a maximum of four opportunities for learning per student per day.

Grades 10-12: Teachers will focus on course completion with consideration of the key concepts remaining in the course. Program delivery will be considerate of what students can complete from home. This will require a plan that is quite different than how the material would have been delivered in a face-to face environment.

There is no expectation that parents will do the job of teachers. However, at the District, we have always valued the partnership between educators and parents/caregivers. We deeply value this partnership in supporting your children’s learning journey.

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