Mandarin Bilingual

The Vancouver School Board offers two Mandarin Bilingual programs:
Early Mandarin Bilingual  at Norquay Elementary and Mandarin Bilingual at Jamieson Elementary

Early Mandarin Bilingual Program (Gr K-7)

The Early Mandarin program is located at Norquay Elementary School. It is a language instruction program where children learn the language and study in the language for part of the day. The day is structured to allow 50% of time to be in Mandarin and 50% in English.

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Grades 1- 7 Application Form

Program information on John Norquay Elementary school site

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The Mandarin Bilingual Program (Gr 4 - 7)

This program is offered to students from grade 4 to grade 7 at Jamieson Elementary School. The core curriculum for this program is taught in English. Mandarin is taught through Mandarin Language Arts. The program will develop Mandarin oral communication skills along with reading and writing skills using Chinese characters.

Most students start in grade 4. Students entering grades 5 and 6 with some Chinese literacy skills will also be considered if space is available.

Grades 4, 5 and 6 Application Form

Program information on Jamieson Elementary school site

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