Gifted Challenge Summer program

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 Summer School will offer only online Grade 10 – 12 academic completion courses for secondary students who are currently enrolled in VSB schools.  The Gifted Challenge program will not be offered this summer.

Gifted/Challenge Summer program

The courses offered in this program are designed not only for students who have been designated as gifted but also for those who have strengths in particular subject areas such as Math, Science, Writing or the Arts.  This also includes students who, for example, may have difficulty with written output but excel in hands-on or creative activities such as aviation experiments, LEGO robotics, computer programming, movie production or art.  Please note that priority consideration will be given to current VSB students due to the expected high demand for these courses.

Dates: July 6-24, 2020(M-F, 3 weeks)

Time:  Session 1 - 9:00 to 11:40 a.m.; Session 2 - 12:20 to 3:00 p.m.
(There will be a supervised lunch period from 11:40-12:20 for students staying for a full day of instruction.  Students are encouraged to bring their lunch and eat downstairs in the lunch room or outside.  There will also be playground/outside supervision provided for 15 minutes prior to classes commencing in the morning.)


Van Horne Elementary School

5855 Ontario Street

V5W 2L8

**Please direct all enquires by sending an email to: gifted@vsb.bc.ca. (Do not call the school board or Summer School Program, they will not have answers for you.)

Registrations will be considered only by online application to the program at the link below.
Please read the following before applying:

1. Course Information -     

  • Gifted Courses Description 2020 Program - courses description
  • Students who apply for courses at the elementary level will only be admitted in one Ministry Funded course and must register in their current grade level.

2. Fee Information - Children who, along with their parent/legal guardian(s) are ordinary resident in BC and who can present a PEN, Home School report card and birth date, are eligible for one Ministry Funded course at no cost.  In addition, the Gifted/Challenge Summer Program will provide courses that are not based on BC curriculum.  These courses are available for a fee.  Students can take one funded course and up to two fee-paying courses.

For students who are not eligible for a publicly funded education, must make full payment at the time of registration.  Students currently designated as International Students attending a BC or Canadian school are required to pay International fees for Summer School.  Other students ineligible for a publicly funded education include the following:

  • Students who reside in BC but whose parents do not normally reside in BC
  • Students who do not normally reside in BC, even if their parents/legal guardians reside in BC

        Summer School course fees for non-local students are as follows:

  • International Student Fees: 40 hour course - $940.00
  • Out-of-Province Canadian Resident Fees: 40 hour course - $600.00 

3. Withdrawals/Transfers  Policy -

  • Ministry Funded course:
    If your child is not able to attend a course that he/she has registered in, the parent/legal guardian must immediately contact our summer school office to withdraw from the course.
  • Fee-Paying course:
    A $30 administrative fee will be charged for all withdrawals or transfers from a course for any reason. No tuition refund will be issued after the program has started.
  • International Student / Out-of-Province Student:
    No tuition refund will be issued for withdrawal for any reason once registered. A $100 administrative transfer fee will be charged for transferring from one class to another if space is available.

 4. Absences - Students who miss more than 2 days may NOT BE PERMITTED to continue taking the course,  AND may be withdrawn from the course. For students who are late for 20 minutes or more on 3 occasions, this will count as one absence.

5. Report Card/ID - All students must present their ORIGINAL final home school report card by second day of class in order to stay in class. Photocopies are not acceptable.

6. Reserve of Right - If registration does not meet the required enrolment minimums, we reserve the right to cancel courses

7. Close of Registration – Applications will be accepted up to Friday, April 24, 2020. Only if space is available will applications be accepted after this date.

8. Application Process - The Application process consists of completing an online information form and uploading a copy of the applicant's most recent report card (if Term 2 reports are unavailable at the time of application please use Term 1).  Please also upload all additional resource, ELL, Gifted, IEP or Ministry of Education designation documentation.  The system can handle multiple uploads  and support ONLY PDF format. The total size of uploaded documents is restricted to 5000 KB.  Applicants will also be asked to provide the PEN (Personal Education Number) of the applying student.  Please note the following:

Applications are processed in the order they are received and all applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application when it has been processed. Due to the large number of applications received and the required processing time for each, it may be some time before your application is processed.  If you have not received further correspondence your application has not yet been processed.  Thank you for your patience.

Gifted Courses Description 2020 Program - courses description


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