Advanced Placement Exams

Safety concerns and uncertainties around COVID 19 have impacted the administration of AP Exams. Due to these concerns, the District will only administer AP Exams if there is an at-home AP exam format.  The College Board has committed to providing contingency measures in accordance with local school board and provincial COVID restrictions.

The Vancouver School District will be offering online registration for AP2021 Exams and has now opened to include out of District students. 

There are no refunds under any circumstances. This supersedes anything the College Board has stated.  

Registration will close on February 26, 2021.  There will be no exceptions.  Register here: https://apexams.vsb.bc.ca 

There is a two-step process to complete registration for each AP exam. To ensure accuracy and efficiency both steps must be completed by the student themselves not the parent, guardian or tutor.

STEP 1: Exam Registration and Payment

Students must pay for each exam by credit card at time of registration. Students must provide their legal first name and last name and their email address. A Gmail address is reliable and efficient for communication purposes. If the student does not have a Gmail account, they should create one.  Students will also be required to provide a contact phone number. Exam payment is nonrefundable under any circumstances. Students are responsible to stay updated with My AP announcements and directions.

It is important that the student provide an accurate email address and phone number. 

STEP 2: Setting up an AP College Board Account

Following receipt of payment, students will receive a JOIN CODE through email (provided by the student) for each exam they are writing in May 2021. At this time, the student will set up a College Board account at https://myap.collegeboard.org/login.

Both steps must be completed to order exams.  Failure to follow these steps will cancel your exam, or add late fees.

Please do not call the VSB switchboard. If you have further inquiries email the VSB AP Coordinator at apexam@vsb.bc.ca

Week One: May 3-7

Week 1

Morning 8 am

Local Time

Afternoon 12 Noon

Local Time


2 p.m.

Local Time

Monday, May 3, 2021

United States Government and Politics

Physics C: Mechanics

Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Calculus AB

Calculus BC

Human Geography



Wednesday, May 5, 2021

English Literature and Composition

Physics 1: Algebra 


Thursday, May 6, 2021

United States History

Computer Science A

Art History


Friday, May 7, 2021


European History

Physics 2 : Algebra Based



Week 2: May 10 – 14

Week 2

Morning 8 a.m.

Local time

Afternoon 12 noon

Local Time


Monday, May 10, 2021

World History: Modern



Tuesday, May 11, 2021




Wednesday, May 12, 2021

English Language and Composition



Thursday, May 13, 2021

Comparative Government and Politics


Computer Science Principles



Friday, May 14, 2021


Environmental Science



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