Dogwood Graduation

At a Glance Requirements - What You Need to Graduate

In order to graduate with a Dogwood, every student in the Graduation Program has to pass certain basic courses, like English, mathematics and science.  The table below is an overview of what you need to graduate:

  • 48 credits from required courses,
  • 4 credits from Graduation Transitions. 

Graduation requirements are introduced in your Planning 10 class.  For more help, talk to your teacher or school counselor, and refer to the Grad Planner for more details.

  • 28 credits from elective courses, and 

Subject Area Minimum Credits
Planning 104
a Language Arts 104
a Language Arts 114
a Language Arts 124
a Mathematics 104
a Mathematics 11 or 124
a Fine Arts and/or Applied Skills 10, 11 or 124
Social Studies 104
a Social Studies 11 or 124
Science 104
a Science 11 or 124
Physical Education 104
48 credits
Students must earn at lease 28 elective creditsMinimum credits
Additional Gr 10-12 credits*28 credits
Students must earn 4 credits for Grad Transitions
4 credits

*Of the 80 credits for graduation, at least 16 must be at the Grade 12 level, including a Grade 12 Language Arts course. Others may be required or elective courses.
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