Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We frequently receive inquiries about the Summer School program and are happy to provide the necessary information to assist students and families.  The following are some of the most frequently asked questions.  If you have other questions, please send an email to cregistrat@vsb.bc.ca or reach our switchboard at 604-713-4550

+ I am a non-VSB student. Can I take VSB Summer School?

In response to the pandemic, the VSB’s 2021 Summer School program will only be available to students currently enrolled in a Vancouver public school only. Non-VSB students can register at VLN for online courses.

+ What are the differences between Summer School and the Vancouver Learning Network (VLN)?

The 2021 Summer School will be offering full face-to-face classes for Grade 8 and 9 Review courses and for Grade 10 and 11 Remedial courses. For the Grade 10 – 12 Completion courses, the instructional delivery will be a hybrid model involving a Day1/Day2 face-to-face and remote instruction schedule. Students will be expected to physically attend classes regularly. If Public Health Order guidelines change, the delivery model may need to be adjusted to a fully remote or hybrid model. VLN offers online classes. Students can sign up with VLN and start and complete Grade 10 – 12 course at any time, according to the student’s pace and schedule.

+ How many courses may I register for at Summer School?

Elementary students are limited to one Ministry funded course and one fee-based course.  They must register in their current grade level.  
Secondary students may take more than one Ministry funded course.  

+ I will be travelling out of the country; can I still register in the summer school program?

No. The 2021 Summer School courses will be offered full in-person classes. Students will be expected to physically attend classes every day.

+ I am a Grade 12 student who will be turning 19 years old on June 30. I do not have enough credits to graduate. Can I take the course in summer school?

No. To be eligible for Summer School, students need to turn 19 on or after July 1 of the current school year. Non-school age students may register at VLN or at one of the VSB’s Adult Education Centres.

+ I am a Grade 12 student who will be turning 19 after July 1. I will graduate in June, but I need an additional course(s) to apply for university. Can I take these courses at summer school?

No. Only non-graduate, school age students are eligible for Summer School.  Secondary school graduates may register at VLN or at one of the VSB’s Adult Education Centres.

+ I am a Grade 12 student. I will turn 19 on July 1. I only need English Studies 12 to graduate. Can I take English Studies 12 and one other Grade 12 course in the Summer School program?

Yes. Grade 12 non-graduates who are still 18 years of age on June 30 are eligible to take courses at Summer School. All Grade 12 students who wish to register for a Summer School course(s) must seek permission from their home school administrator who will send a list of approved Grade 12 students and courses to the Summer School office.

+ I am a Grade 12 non-graduate student who meets the age requirement for Summer School. Why am I not able to register online?

Grade 12 students are not able to register online. They must seek permission to attend Summer School from their home school administrator who will send a list of approved students and courses to the Summer School office.  The Summer School office will register Grade 12 students into approved courses.

+ Can I finish the Completion course in summer and have the credits to continue to the next level?

Students who successfully complete the Summer School course will receive a final mark and credits. They will be able to continue to the next level; however, it is up to the home school to determine if there is space to accommodate further students in any courses in September.

+ How do I know if I have successfully registered?

Students who have successfully registered will receive an automatic email message to their student Learn account (student#@learn.vsb.bc.ca) confirming their registration. Students can also log into their Summer School account with their PEN and DOB to view their registered courses. Please note that the VSB reserves the right to cancel a class due to low enrolment or due to the unavailability of teachers. Students will receive notification by email should a course be cancelled. It is important that students have their correct email recorded up in the MyEd student information system. Any email changes should be directed to your home school.

+ If I withdraw before the end of the course, will there be a grade or mark on my transcript?

More information will be provided by the Summer School principal about a final withdrawal deadline when a student may withdraw without a final grade on the transcript.

+ Do I need to pay a deposit for a textbook?

No. There will be no deposits required for textbooks for 2021 Summer School.

+ Do I need to pay a deposit for a workbook?

Some courses require students to pay for a workbook deposit ranging from $20 - $50. This deposit will be refunded if the workbook has not been written in and returned in good condition. Workbook deposits will be handled through the VSB’s School Cash online payment system. Students registered in courses where a workbook deposit is required will be sent instruction on how to complete payment prior to the start of the class. All workbook deposit refunds will be issued through the VSB’s School Cash online payment system, after approval from the Summer School administration.

+ I am a newcomer to the Vancouver School district, can I take summer school in July?

Eligible students must be currently enrolled in the VSB School District. Newcomer ELL students currently placed at a ‘Holding’ class and who will be transferred to their home school in September, 2021, can register for Summer School.

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