Junior District Alternative Programs


An academic and recreational program that focuses on students, grades 8 - 10, whose behavior has impacted their ability to function academically, socially, and emotionally

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An active program located on the Britannia Secondary School site, that incorporates a strong physical aspect to the curriculum including running swimming, weight training, hiking, camping, canoeing, and Nordic skiing

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A school-based program for grades 8/9 students that includes a strong focus on health and wellness, outdoor and environmental education, fine arts and community building

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Tupper Alternative

Designed to maximize academic success and personal growth for students, grades 8 and 9 students, and allow for their immersion into the Tupper school environment

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A safe, supportive and nurturing educational program for at-risk, emotionally fragile students that focuses on their emotional, social and academic needs

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Designed for students who have completed grade 8, but are having difficulty functioning or being successful in a regular school setting and who require additional social, emotional, or academic support

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