BC Children’s Hospital - Child Psychiatric Unit

Program Objectives

The Child Psychiatry Unit serves children and families from across the province of British Columbia. This program often have complex neuro-developmental, mental health, and psycho-social challenges.  Students attend the program for five days a week for approximately four weeks. During their stay, identification and coordination of appropriate community and school-based interventions happens. Each student has access to a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, which may include: a Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, Speech and Language Pathologist, Social Worker, Special Education Teacher, Nurses, and other medical professionals as needed.

The Child Psychiatry School Program is a Provincial Resource Program that is fully integrated within the Child Psychiatry Unit at BC Children's Hospital. The School Program includes a blended model of classroom time, formalized academic assessment and a school case management coordination/transition plan for each student’s home school. The program teachers also provide pre-admission and post-discharge support. The school program offers the opportunity for students to maintain engagement with their learning, with a focus on understanding and supporting development of self-regulation and social-emotional learning. Students’ participation in the school program allows for increased understanding of each child’s unique strengths, along with the identification of potential supports, accommodations, and school-based services that support their overall inclusion and well-being once they return to school. 

Referral Process

Criterion for admission is determined by the medical team based on medical stability and the student's ability to cope with an academic program in the hospital context. 

Discharge Process

Criterion for exit is determined by the medical team based on medical stability of the students' ability to cope within a community setting. Educational discharge summaries indicated specific academic and social/emotional recommendations and adaptations/accommodations to support the students return to their home school. 

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