BC Children’s Hospital - Eating Disorders Inpatient and Day Treatment Program

The objective of the Learning Resource Centre in the Eating Disorders Inpatient Program and the Therapeutic Academic Program in the Eating Disorders Day Treatment Program is to provide academic instruction and support for patients admitted into those programs at BC Children’s Hospital.

Program Description

  • promote and educate parents and students around the need for balance between health and academics
  • transition students from the home school or distance education program in which they may be enrolled and to maintain curricular objectives
  • establish a student learning plan specific to the student's academic needs and abilities
  • provide alternative/adapted materials to support and help students access/complete the curriculum
  • establish and maintain communication between family, home school, distance education (if necessary) and the medical teams (both in the Inpatient and Day Treatment Program) regarding academic progress and functioning ability
  • provide an educational summary outlining academic and social/emotional recommendations upon discharge to the students' home school and local community teams (e.g. Vancouver Coastal)
  • provide information to school counselors and teachers specific to the education of students with Eating Disorders.
Referral Process
Criterion for admission is determined by the medical team based on medical stability and the student’s ability to cope with an academic program in the hospital context.

Criterion for exit is determined by the medical team based on medical stability and the students' ability to cope with their disorder in the community setting. Educational Discharge Summaries indicates specific academic and social/emotional recommendations and adaptations/accommodations to support the students return to school.

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