Gifted Transition Program

Program Objectives
This program prepares academically gifted adolescents to achieve their goals of early entrance to university and continuing studies leading to fulfilling career paths. To support this goal, the program employs a rigorous identification process to help students and their parents determine student readiness for, and interest in, a challenging educational program of conceptually advanced, fast-paced interdisciplinary curriculum. The UBC campus site fosters a pre-university identity and prepares students for a culture of scholarship and engagement with research and diverse educational opportunities as part of early entrance to university studies on the UBC campus.

Radical academic acceleration is combined with social emotional development support and opportunities for career exploration including mentorship, global citizenship, environmental and cultural stewardship and community service with an emphasis on character building and social responsibility. The program provides academic counseling and advisement promote future-focused role exploration.  Program flexibility facilitates the offering of a variety of field trips locally, provincially and internationally.

Referral Process
Large group information meetings are held twice a year. Candidates participate in one day large group assessment sessions, student interviews with portfolios, psycho-educational assessments to confirm cognitive strength, visits to the program and academic counseling for students and parents assist in establishing suitability to the program. Admission procedures allow for late application and trial experiences within the program.

Exit Criteria and Follow Up
Close monitoring and feedback are offered to students and their parents and is based on both individual teacher and full staff support. The cycle of feedback and support involves numerous consultations with goals, objectives and strategies to support student learning. These conversations could lead to exploration of other educational settings that may be more appropriate for the individual student. Visitations could be organized and recommendations shared for student placement according to current accomplishments, strengths, and needs. This process follow from IEP meetings and intensive monitoring and open conversations with student and parent. The focus is a shared commitment to provide the best educational environment for the student.

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