BC Children’s Hospital - School Program

Program Objectives
The program objectives are: to help patients continue with their regular school work while in the hospital, to provide normalcy and routine to their days, and to help students stay connected to their home schools. In addition, the focus on school helps with the distraction from pain and worries about their illness. Educational objectives are determined by contacting the counselors and teachers and finding out what each student's class is doing and continuing that program whenever possible.

Further objectives of the program are to keep all students up to date with their school program as much as possible or to set up a revised educational plan that will better meet the students current educational needs. Teachers strive to ease the concern over school work and to help home school teachers understand the need to focus on the truly salient elements of the course work.

Students present with all range of abilities, from those who have multiple disabilities to those who are in enriched academic programs.

Referral Process
Criterion for admission is determined by the medical team based on the medical stability and the student's ability to cope with an academic program in the hospital context.

Students are either discharged from hospital or return to their home community. Many of the students are chronically ill and return to the hospital on a regular basis. Patients often drop in and out of the classroom as they attend follow up appointments. Program teachers will contact schools and arrange home instruction if a student is leaving hospital but will not be able to attend school.

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