SET-BC Vision

Program Objectives
The objective of SETBC: Vision Services is to assist BC school districts in educating students with visual impairments, through the use of assistive technology and to develop assistive technology expertise within school districts.

SET-BC provides the following assistive technology services to school districts:

  • consultation for selection of technology, planning for implementation, and follow-up for school-based teams
  • loan and ongoing technical support of technology
  • training for school-based teams and students
  • provision of resources and information for school-based teams

Referral Process
School districts identify students within SET-BC's mandate who will benefit from the use of assistive technology and request SET-BC services, based on an equitable distribution of program resources around the province.

Exit Criteria and Follow Up
SET-BC provides ongoing consultation and implementation and technical support for students who receive technology solutions. On average, this support continues for a five year period: after that time, districts often request new technology solutions and related support for students.

SET-BC carries out an annual follow-up process with school-based teams to determine the impact of technology use on students' educational goals and to collect feedback on our services to districts.

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