Program Objectives
Is to assist BC school districts and Group I and II Independent Schools in using technology to support the educational programs of students with physical, sensory, communication and learning challenges and to provide support to BC school districts and Independent Schools in building their capacity to use technology to support students with diverse needs in the classroom setting.

SET-BC provides the following technology services to school districts and Independent Schools.  Our three tiers of service include Tier 1 (Professional Development), Tier 2 (technology training and classroom-based solutions), and Tier 3 (specialist support and student-based technology solutions).  We provide support with:

  • Professional development and technology training opportunities for district and school teams
  • Technology resources and technology implementation support for district and school teams
  • Consultation for selection of technology, planning for technology implementation and follow-up for school based teams

Referral Process
School district planning teams request annual Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 services through the SET-BC District Request for Service process.  This happens in late spring and September for services provided in the coming school year.  Each district determines its own Tier 2 classroom and Tier 3 student referral and selection criteria and request support according to the annual SET-BC allocation in these two tiers.

Exit Criteria and Follow Up
SET-BC provides ongoing consultation, implementation and technology support for those classroom- and student-based solutions during the service, or school year.  For complex technologies, SET-BC provides ongoing technical support for the loaned equipment for, on average, a period of five years.

SET-BC carries out an annual service review with district based teams to determine the impact of SET-BC services on their educators’ capacity to implement technology and on how student-based technology solutions have supported their educational goals.

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