Sunny Hill - School Program

Program Objectives

  • to provide academic assessment and remediation for inpatients and outpatients specifically for acquired brain injuries and to liaise with and support their home schools to provide appropriate support services.
  • to provide assessment and consultation for students with developmental disabilities who are referred through the acute rehabilitation program and the Nero-motor program.
  • brain Injury - typical academic, adapted and/or modified academic programs
  • neuro-motor - modified, adapted, and/or life skills

Referral Process
Criterion for admission is determined by the medical team based on the medical stability and the student's ability to cope with an academic program in the hospital context.


  • hospital discharge
  • assessment completion
  • Brain Injury - close consultation with community school, assistance with setting up support services in home school/home district, visitation follow-up at time of re-integration. 
  • Neuro-motor - consultation and follow-up with school and family.

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