Home Instruction Teacher

Home Instruction enables students to continue their education while absent from school for an extended period during the school year because of medical, social/emotional/behavioural or psychiatric reasons. Referred students are often disengaged or disconnected from school or are currently not able to attend a regular, special education or alternative program. The teacher provides instructional support in core subject areas that focus on opportunities for success that builds on individual student strengths and interests. The goal is to re-engage students with their school and prepare the student to re-integrate into an education program.

Support Includes

  • providing educational consistency to meet the need of children who are unable to attend school 
  • ensuring collaboration, consultation and coordination of all caregivers (i.e. school, community and medical personnel) 
  • providing a program that best suits the students individual medical, emotional and educational needs 
  • building confidence in the student’s ability to continue their education despite this interruption

* This service cannot duplicate a full school program

Documents Required

  • complete Home Instruction Referral form 
  • authorization from medical personnel (Physicians Referral) must be obtained for students with medical / health conditions 

Referral Process
Students are eligible for home instruction when:

  • student is absent from school for 10 days (Ministry Guidelines) or longer due to medical reasons such as injury, disease, surgery and psychological issues
  • students suspended by the Vancouver Board of Trustees under  Section 91 of the School Act (when appropriate)

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