Behaviour Support Programs

The Vancouver School Board has a wide range of behaviour support programs to help our students meet their learning objectives.

Alderwood Family Development Centre

Alderwood Family Development Centre is a family-centered program designed to build on the strengths of children and families. The ONE YEAR program provides comprehensive assessment, treatment and educational services for children who are exhibiting disruptive behaviour and significant emotional difficulties.

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Excellence in Social Emotional Learning (ExSEL)

The Excellence in Social Emotional Learning (ExSEL) program provides a supportive classroom setting for one year for students who require intensive support in Social Emotional Learning and Executive Functioning. Students are reviewed at the end of the 1-year term for a possible extension. Instruction is differentiated and personalized to meet the unique learning profiles of each student with a focus on the Core Competencies.

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Secondary: Social Development

The Social Development Class offers a small protected setting for students with significant social emotional and executive functioning challenges.

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Social Emotional Learning Centre (SELC & SELC+)

The Social Emotional Learning Centre provides support for elementary students to strengthen their social, emotional and behavioural skills. The centre provides a short term (16 week) part-time opportunity for students to learn strategies in self-regulation, social skills, executive functioning and self-advocacy.

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