Alderwood Family Development Centre

Program Description 
Alderwood Family Development Centre is a family-centered program designed to build on the strengths of children and families. The ONE YEAR program provides comprehensive assessment, treatment and educational services for children who are exhibiting disruptive behaviour and significant emotional difficulties. Services are non-residential. 

The following agencies collaborate in the development of services and care plans: 

  • Vancouver School Board 
  • Children’s Foundation 
  • Ministry of Children and Family Development 
  • Vancouver Coastal Health Authority-Mental Health Services 

Student Profile 
Students are appropriate candidates for referral to this program when:

  • they are between the ages of 6-12 and reside in Vancouver 
  • they exhibit one or more of the following: seriously aggressive or disruptive behaviour, significantly defiant behaviour, behavioural and other difficulties related to FASD (fetal alcohol spectrum disorder), significant attention problems or impulsivity related to ADHD or internalizing behaviours (e.g. anxiety, depression) 
  • meet the criteria for (R) students requiring Moderate Behaviour Support or (H) students requiring Intensive Behaviour Support
  • have had a consult from the Case Manager for Behaviour and often STIBS support 

Referral Process
Alderwood program referrals must be submitted directly to Alderwood (interoffice mail: Beaconsfield).  Selection and placement is made by a referral review committee (representatives from funding agencies). 

Exit Criteria 
Recommendations for placement are made in consultation with Alderwood and Learning Services staff. 

Capacity and Staffing 
Grade 1 to 7 (6-12 years of age)
16 students
2 Teachers, 1 SSA & 1 SSB 

Program Location
Alderwood / Children’s Foundation (2750 E. 18th Avenue)

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